Jul 7, 2010

Cosmo Love!

last year, my friends and i went to the Cosmo Youniverse event, and we got featured in their website :) in order to get into the event, you would have to present your copy of the May 2009 issue. now that was actually the 1st time i purchased the magazine. i haven't really bought any magazines since i was in high school (i used to read Seventeen, i think), i guess i just lost interest. Cosmo reignited my love for fashion, beauty, and everything kikay! :) i liked the magazine so much that i begun buying issue after issue, until i finally got a subscription :)

now who would have thought that after a year, i would actually get to see myself in Cosmo's glossy pages? :D

i submitted this picture on a whim. i was lounging at Lagen resort, reading the magazine, when i realized - hey i'm wearing animal prints, and so is bea! so i thought it'd make a cool picture ;)

i received a text from my friend saying i won. i couldn't believe it! i wasn't able to contain my excitement, i actually went and bought the July issue even though my copy is on its way in the mail. hey, it's not exactly everyday that i would get featured in a magazine! :P

thank u Cosmo Philippines! :) :) :)
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