Dec 20, 2009

Makeup for the Holidays

i'n going to spend the holidays in sydney, and apart from the age-old question of what clothes and shoes i'm going to pack, a new one pops-up this year: what makeup products am i going to bring with me? :D

as much as i would like to bring my entire collection, i can't =P so i had to pick favorites..

The Face Shop Span Oil Control Pre Makeup
Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet Foundation
Make Up For Ever High Definition Powder (forgot to include in picture)
The Body Shop Nature's Mineral Foundation
Ellana Bronzer in Harmony (forgot to include in picture)

 The Body Shop Blush Trio in Warm Sunset
The Body Shop Solar Duo Blush in Radiant Pink

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Profusion Pearl Palette
The Body Shop Hot Brights Eye Liner
Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner
Maybelline Unstoppable Shiny Black Mascara

NYX Round Lipstick in Indian Pink
NYX Round Lipstick in Watermelon
Smashbox Pink Power Lip Palette

other essentials i'm taking with me..

The Body Shop Kabuki Brush
Suesh Brush Cleaner
Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler
Make Up For Ever Sens'Eyes Eye Cleanser

i don't actually plan on wearing makeup every single day, but it's good to have my stash with me in case i want to get dolled up :D

happy holidays everyone! :)

Dec 19, 2009

FOTD/OOTD: 1920s

our team's Christmas Party was held at TGIF, Glorietta and the theme was 1920's Casa Royale :)

i went for shimmery neutral eyes (light gold and bronze) and really red lips.. :)

Make Up For Ever High Definition Primer
Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet Foundation
The Body Shop Blush Trio in Warm Sunset

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Profusion Pearl Palette
Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Eyeliner in 0L Matte Black
Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara
The Face Shop False Eyelashes in XLH

NYX Round Lipstick in Electra

and here's my 1920's attire.. :)

i bought the dress from the Apartment 8 booth at the St. James Bazaar. it was such a great find! :) and i got the headband from The Ramp. it was quite expensive for a hairpiece, but i just couldn't resist!

i love dressing up! :)

Think Pink Prizes

here are my prizes from wuzzyangel's think pink giveaway :) i was only supposed to receive 2 Smashbox palettes, but she included lotsss of extras :D

i received the following:
Breast Cancer Ribbon Soap 
Smashbox Pink Power EyePalette
Smashbox Pink Power Lip Palette
Revlon Runway Collection Nails in Mystic
Harajuko Lovers Fragrance Samples
Earrings by Houston Godly Creations
Hello Kitty Tag

how generous!!! :) wuzzy also attached a personal note, so sweet! :)

let's take a closer look at the makeup.. these palettes are in support of the Young Survival Coalition, a foundation dedicated to Breast Cancer

Smashbox Pink Power Eye Palette in Celebrate

one color got damaged huhuhu. the other half is still intact, so hey, it's all good. the palette consists of 3 colors: a whitish-pink shade that can be used to highlight the brow bone, a soft pretty pink shade for the lid, and a dark brown shade with flecks of gold to add depth.

here's a swatch. i am really loving that middle color! :) 

Smashbox Pink Power Lip Palette in Inspire

the lip palette also comes in 3 colors: pink, peach, and bronze.

the brush that comes with it is pretty neat! it's retractable and dual-ended, cool huh!

here are swatches of the glosses, in order of the colors above. click on the image to enlarge. my favorite is the bronzey one :)

thanks again to wuzzyangel for my lovely prizes! :) you're amazing! :)

Dec 17, 2009

Floo Powder

i finally got my 2nd set of prizes :D they've been sitting at the post office for 3 weeks, and i didn't really have the time to claim them. thanks to the boyfriend for picking them up for me, wheee :D

i won shopaholicmommy's Orglamix giveaway, wherein i received the Floo Powder collection :) they included 2 full sized jars, how incredibly generous! :D

it consists of the ff colors: Obsidian, Brimstone, and Fog. Obsidian appears dark blue at first, but turns black-ish when swatched. it still has some blue components to it, especially when you hit the light. Brimstone is a dark silver color, while Fog is a pretty sparkly blue. these colors would be great for sporting a deep, dramatic, smokey eye :)

so happy to receive another Orglamix collection! :D the color payoff is really great, and application is just smooooth! these are really great quality mineral eyeshadows :)

shopaholic mommy and cheri, thank you thank you thank you! :)

Dec 15, 2009

My NYX Haul

my friends and i ordered some NYX products from the US. i tried very hard to control myself and not get everything in sight, teehee. i picked out a couple of lipsticks and glosses to add to my collection :)

* the lipsticks *


a pretty nude shade (well, bronzey actually) with some sparkle :) great to pair with a smokey eye


this reminds me of indian pink, and my swatches actually kind of look alike. but watermelon is actually pink toned, whereas indian pink is coral toned. very very pretty! :)


i'd call this a barbie pink shade. i don't know yet if i have the guts to wear this out, haha. it's one of those lipsticks that's good to have in your stash when you just want to have fun! :D


a blue-based red that is gorgeous! can i just say fierce? :D i've found my perfect red lipstick! :D

* the lipglosses *

i like the wand, see? makes application smoother (hmmm, is that the right word?) well u know what i mean!


both glosses taste/smell very fruity, which i actually like! :)

crystal soda

this comes out pretty clear, actually. or maybe it just doesn't show up on me. it just adds a bit of sparkle to my lips.


a very sparkly pink shade. comes out lighter than i expected, which is fine.

the lipglosses are so-so for me, nothing too special i'd say. but the lipsticks are absolute love! :) i never used to be a lipstick person, but NYX makes me want more and moooore! :D

Dec 13, 2009

Mini Maybelline Haul

i was at sm makati earlier, browsing thru the newly renovated watsons area. the 30% off sign at maybelline caught my eye =P

i bought the Diamond Glow Palette in Gray Pink. i wanted a small palette for creating a smokey eye, and this was perfect :)


i also finally decided to purchase the Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. i've been hearing good reviews about it, and i didn't want to miss the opportunity of getting it on sale, teehee. i bought the Brown shade because well, that was the only color they had on stock =P

can i just say that i am now a gel liner convert? application was super duper easy, and the liner was very creamy.

 i luv it! :) makes me want to stock up on other colors :D

Dec 7, 2009

Pink Vanity

my newest baby: the pink vanity case from Suesh! :D the boyfriend and i went to the big outlet sale at mall of asia today, and he got me this for christmas :) wheeee! :)

it's got 3 fold out trays, and the center compartment has adjustable dividers.

of course, i immediately filled it with my makeup stash when i got home :D i was so OC doing it! i put the eyeshadows and mascaras on the 1st layer, then the eye liners and lip glosses on the next. on the other side, i put the face primers and foundations together, and the blushes and finishing powders next to it. lastly, i  put the makeup remover, lipsticks, false lashes, and palettes on the center. i also put my face masks in here, just to use up the space.

as you can see, my makeup collection is pretty small (oh come on! compared to other beauty junkies out there! yes you! haha). it looks pretty packed already, but i'm sure i can squeeze in moooore stuff :P

thanks baby!!! *mwahhh*

Nov 28, 2009

Lotion Love

i received my Johnson’s Body Care gift package today! :) it contains 6 25ml bottles of lotion. don't they look so cute? :)

mine contained the ff variants:

24-Hour Lasting Moisture
unlocks the secret of softness through round-the-clock moisturization

a gentle creamy lotion, perfect for daily use and instant softness :)

Melt Away Stress
soothes the modern woman’s mind and body to naturally ease away the stress, for skin that’s beautifully soft and nurtured.  

i love its smell! :) it's sweet, but not too overpowering. i think this is great to use after taking a shower at night, right before going to bed :)

too bad the one i personally use isn't included in the package.

Naturally White 
provides daily care to reveal bright, glowing and naturally fair skin that’s soft and light

i've found my HG lotion in this baby :) i'm on my 2nd 400 ml bottle already. it spreads on like milk :) it moisturizes my skin and doesn't leave it feeling sticky at all, even with our intense heat. and what's great about it is that it contains spf8 sunscreen and uva & uvb protection. sun protection is definitely the #1 thing i look for in skin care products. :)

want your own Body Care gift package? just head on over to :)

Nov 22, 2009

Brush Guards

i'm extremely OC with my brushes. i store them in their respective plastics (the ones they came with) after each use, and i wash them every week. it was getting a bit tiresome though, having to figure out which plastic belongs to whom, and they were already getting dirty too (the plastics i mean). it just didn't seem right storing perfectly clean brushes in crummy cases. so i decided to purchase The Brush Guard packs.

from The Brush Guard site:
The Brush Guard is a stretchable, breathable tube which protects your makeup brushes:

  • While drying - bristles dry in perfect shape
  • In use- handle stays clean and grips better
  • In storage - no snags or squashing
  • On the move—perfect packing

i bought 2 from my beauty basket: the Variety Pack which contains 1 large, 2 medium, 2 small, 1 extra small, and the Small Guard Pack which contains 8 small guards. they retail at P375 each pack, but good thing i scored 10% off thanks to their anniversary sale :)

this is ideal for fat brushes, say powder, stippling, or flat top brushes. perfect for my M.A.C. 187SE :)

this is ideal for foundation or blush brushes. i use it on my M.A.C 168SE and M.A.C 190SE. my 187 actually fits as well, but i don't want to overstretch the guard.

this is ideal for eyeshadow brushes. as you can see, it fits different sizes

extra small
this is ideal for extremely thin brushes. i use it on my suesh eyeliner brush. it also fits my other thin brushes (such as lip and brow), but again, i don't want to overstretch

so here are my brushes with their new homes :)

i call 'em the chosen 14 :P unfortunately not all my brushes got brush guards, i have a couple more who don't :( that'll do for now, i figured that's better than having extra guards, i might be tempted to buy more brushes hahaha!

Nov 15, 2009

The Row Haul

i actually haven't shopped for clothing that much lately (apart from gym outfits). i guess most of my shopping money has gone to makeup, teehee. glorietta was having a midnight madness sale, and i reckoned it was high time i rekindled my passion for clothes (yeah what an excuse for shopping eh?) :P

i wanted to buy new dresses, and i knew i'd be able to score some great ones at The Row in Glorietta 5. i always end up buying something whenever i enter their store ;)

i scored the ff items at 10% off.. :)

a blue dress from Freeway. i usually gravitate towards dresses in this cut, pretty flattering :)

a lilac dress from Freeway. i was torn between choosing this one or its black version. the black one made me look more sophisticated, but this one just looked sooo girly and fun :) black tends to make you look more serious and well, mature, so i went with this one for a more youthful look ahihihi

a belt from Ensembles. it just looks so classy, doesn't it? :)

and finally, i bought a shirt from the Ang Kiukok collection. this one wasn't on sale, and it's actually more expensive than the shirts i would typically buy. but i loved the print, the fabric, and the way it fit me. :) so i didn't hesitate to get it. donning a masterpiece from a National Artist was just icing on the cake :)

Nov 14, 2009

Pink Chocolate

i'm so happy to have won  mama snow's Orglamix giveaway! i received an entire collection, how awesome is that! :D

it's called the Pink Chocolate collection. now i don't see where the pink is :p but it's definitely yummy!!! :)

it consists of the ff colors: Silk, Sandalwood, and Moonstone. Silk is a very pretty copper, and Sandalwood is a rich deep bronze. perfect neutral shades! :) i thought Moonstone was just a white color, but noooo. it turns gold when you swatch it, see? :) what a pleasant surprise!

i looove it! :) mama snow and cheri, thanks sooo much! :)

oh, and can i just say how nice the packaging is, lookie :)

just lovely, noh? :)

Indian Pink and Frappucino

my first NYX lipsticks! :) i won erica's giveaway and got to choose 2 shades :) i picked Indian Pink and Frappucino.



i'd call this a rose taupe color (yeah i actually googled that shade haha). this lippy is more on the brown-ish side, suitable for everyday wear. verrryyy creamy! :)

Indian Pink

coral pink with shimmery flecks (that appear gold-ish to me). i've read raves about this lipstick, and i can totally see why! gorgeous! :)

thanks so much erica! :)
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