Nov 7, 2011

SuperSale Bazaar

i went to the SuperSale Bazaar at the World Trade Center today, let me share my awesome finds.. :D

my first purchase was this hot black dress from H&M. it's simple yet sexy, eh? ;)

one of my agenda going into the bazaar was to look for a nice pair of ballet flats, preferably yellow. i saw one from Tata & Kai, but its shade was mustard, and i wanted something more bright, so i got this blue pair instead (the color is more blue green in actual). it's really comfortable :)
i got this really nice blazer from Anti-Fashion Manila. it makes quite a statement!

these blue booties from S&H are a steal at PHP500! :D

these gray boots are also from S&H, and it's only 1,000PHP :D i've been looking for a pair of flat boots for so long!

i heard someone call my name, and it was Jam from Fashion Galore. so sweet that she remembers me! :) she saw my shopping bags and remarked "you bought so many things, you haven't changed!" hahaha! i bought a hot pink bandage skirt which i paired with this blue sheer top (sorry it blends with my bedsheet in the background) luvin the colors! :)

my final purchase was a pair of loafers from POSH Pocket Shoes. i actually don't own a pair (of loafers) yet, because they're not really my style (i prefer ballet flats). but this one's really cute, and if you haven't already noticed, i'm drawn to the color blue nowadays, so i couldn't resist! ;)

so you can say i went a little crazy with the shopping today :D

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