Jun 6, 2011

Mad About Shoes

i absolutely love Charles and Keith shoes and accessories. my sunglasses, a couple of bags, and most of the shoes i wear to work are all from Charles and Keith. so when HSBC Red MasterCard came up with this promo a few months ago, i instantly signed up for a new credit card (even though i already have at least 3), teehee.

basically, you will get 3 vouchers worth PHP1,249 

so here are the shoes i've hauled the past 3 months.

first, i wanted a pair with low heels. one that i can wear with a dress when i'm out having coffee with my girlfriends. :)

next, i wanted a stylish pair of flats for casual day outs. :)

and lastly, i wanted a hot pair of heels, one i can go dancing with :D

i actually saw 2 i really liked, and couldn't decide which one to get, so i just got both! ;))

all of 'em cost more, so i had to pay a bit extra, but i don't mind as long as i luv 'em shoes. :D


  1. Ooooh love the last two!:D Nice purchases :D

  2. I looove the white flats! :)

    awesome finds you got there! :)


  3. hello, just saw your blog.
    your photos are nice.
    i like the last shoes. :))

    I'm already a follower.

    you can also visit and follow my blog at:


  4. I love the white flats! :)

    I really like those kinds of designs... stylish but very elegant.

  5. hey pretty! i love the shoes!
    by the way, i awarded you here:

    rock on!

  6. mia <3 you have a blog pala! following you and your kikay adventures :) hihi


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