Sep 25, 2009

Mini Kabuki Brush

ever since i bought mineral blushes, i've been looking for a mini kabuki brush to use for applying them. being the OC person that i am, i didn't exactly want to keep using my full sized kabuki (which i use for foundation) for blushes.

i decided to get the Mini Kabuki Brush from Suesh. it comes with a mini pouch and only costs P250. what's unique about it is that it opens up (but no, u can't separate them).

here are pictures from all sides:

i don't know if it's really designed that way, but the white side is way fluffier than the black side. they look pretty even from the side, but from the top, it's a whole other story as u can see. so i was quite surprised by that.

the brush is really small (that's why it's called a mini!) and fits snugly on my hand.

for size comparison, here it is alongside my full sized kabuki from The Body Shop.

this is how i use it:

i open it up and dip the black side on the blush. i use the black side because it's denser than the white. i find using the white one tends to get messy because it's so fluffy.

then i spread the blush on the apples of my cheeks using the black side.

and finally i buff it out by using the closed brush.

i also use the closed brush when applying finishing powder.

this brush lives up to Suesh's standards of super soft bristles. not scratchy at all! i did expect the brush to be more dense, it being a kabuki and all. but it serves its purpose (dual, in fact). very handy and perfect for touch-ups!


  1. that's a nifty little brush huh?

    on nars vs elf post, you asked if elf is pink or peach and i'd say it's a pinky-peach, so basically more orange than pink, with gold shimmer just like nars orgasm :)

  2. aww that's cute! it opens up heehee
    and its only 250? nice! <3
    thanks for sharing this sis :)

  3. i have never tried any suesh brush yet
    now im confused if i should be getting suesh or sigma

    thanks for the review!


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