Sep 6, 2009

Makeup Kit

i bought this makeup kit from the Stellar booth at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar. it was tagged as a mineral makeup kit, but really, you can put any kind of makeup in it :) i got this for P280

it opens up to 2 sides - 1 for your brushes, the other for your makeup. the makeup storage is expandable, which is great!

see what's inside..


i have blusher, concealer, and eyeshadow brushes. my makeup essentials: foundation, concealer, eye primer, eyeshadow palette, eye liner, eye curler, mascara, blush, and lipgloss. the only thing i can't put in here is my kabuki brush, but that's ok. i didn't really want to squeeze it in.

i love that this kit is small, but it's enough to carry all my essentials! perfect for traveling :) a light packer, i am not, so i was afraid i would have to leave something out. but yey, they all fit! :D


  1. nice makeup kit :)
    I have no makeup kit. Usually I put it all in whatever bag I found. I have a blog award for you. Pls kindly check^^

  2. thanks for the award dear!! :)

    Usually I put it all in whatever bag I found. - i used to do that too, haha. but i particularly liked this kit because it's got pockets for brushes :)

  3. ganda nga mae because of the brush pockets :D though i dont carry around my brushes but that would be handy in travelling


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