Sep 11, 2009

Pilipinas, Ang Ganda Mo!

i've decided not to make any more makeup purchases *gasp*

until next week, that is! lol

from the Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines website:
The Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines, Inc. (CCIP) in celebration of the Cosmetics Month this September will host the 2nd CCIP Cosmetic Fair ‘09, Pilipinas, Ang Ganda Mo! At the Megatrade Hall 1, SM Megamall on September 18-20, 2009. This event will showcase the country’s leading brands in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products.

so i'm holding off til this event :P who knows, i might score great deals, eh? i don't know yet which brands are participating, but i'm definitely not going to miss out on this one! should be worth going to, right? :)

oh, and the best part? free admission! :D


  1. To answer your question about how Benefit's 10 compares to NARS blush bronzer duo, I would have to say I have no idea, I have never tried or even seen NARS' duo. But now that you mentioned, I will definilty keep an eye out and get back to you on it. Thx for the comment Blogging Buddy!

  2. Hiyee Mia. :D
    I got it from a local reseller in multiply.

  3. astig parang gusto ko puntahan yan a (and where do you get all these updates?! hehe). about "The Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines" -may ganon pala?! :D

  4. @niki they have duos of their different blushes and bronzers. and i'm lemming for the orgasm blush and laguna bronzer duo :D go check it out and lemme know which one i should get, lol

    @nikkidoo thanks for d info! :) makeupvalley sure has lots of great stuff!

    @leda i just saw it at the suesh website, and googled for more info. tara! :D

  5. oh my freakin g! hahaha thanks for the heads up..this looks interesting! :) maybe il see you there hehe

  6. wow! i would love to go here too! <3 hihi thanks for sharing sis..

  7. Hey again, I found the NARS Bronzer/Blush Duos you were talking about and I tried them out at Sephora. I tried Hungry Heart and Laguna/Orgasm. They were both really nice and pigmented. Hungry Heart was more subtle, comparable to 10 by Benefit. There is a big price difference, Benefot 10 being $36 (CAD) and NARS being almost $50 (CAD). So i think I would go with Benefit.

  8. cha and sush, looks like it'll be fun right? :) see u there! teehee

  9. Hi Mia! Thanks for this info! I'll definitely go thre this weekend. This might also be a lil get together for the beauty bloggers. :)

    Btw, thanks for the award. Will post it on my next entry.

    Also, I'm having my first giveaway. It's not much but grateful if you can join :)


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