Sep 27, 2009

My Body Shop Haul

The Body Shop has a special promo for LYB members :) from Sept 25-30, buy the 1st at regular price and save 50% on your 2nd regular item. apart from that, they have other items on sale. i was never one to say no to a good sale (haha certified shopaholic here), so off i went to TBS in makati.

here's my haul :D

Vitamin C Cleansing Face Polish (bought at 40% off, P417). for natural radiance. i've tried the Skin Boost and Micro Refiner from the Vitamin C range before. now i'm gonna try the facial wash

Vitamin E Eye Cream (bought at regular price, P695). for reducing puffiness and dark circles. this is my 1st time to try this product, let's see how it works. i like that it comes in a tube. no nasty dipping!

Vitamin E Lip Care (on sale for P195). for moisturizing your lips. it's vanilla flavored. and it has spf 15 too! 

Lip Scuff (bought at 50% off, P325). for exfoliating your lips. i just finished up my first tube, and i have to say it really works for me. i like its minty taste too

Strawberry Body Polish (bought at 50% off, P297.5). for exfoliating your entire body. it's gentle enough for daily use (but i still use my Olive Body Scrub once a week). i love its smell, sickeningly sweet, haha. i alternate this with my Olive Shower Gel.

Organic Cotton Rounds, 2 packs (on sale for P250). do i have to explain what these are for :P

and finally, i bought the limited edition Sundown Glow Eye Trio from their Precious Pearlescents collection (bought at regular price, P795). this was already out of stock in greenbelt, and was the very last piece in sm makati. i just had to get it!

*sigh* isn't it pretty? teehee

lookie, very pigmented!

so there! yeah i went a lil crazy with the shopping. but then again, with TBS, i always do! haha :D


  1. Wow! You got some good stuff! Strawberry Body Polish and Vitamin C Cleansing Face Polish at half price - that's such a bargain! Cool! :-)))

  2. OMG another TBS fan! Cool!

    I love that Strawberry Body Polish. I use it every once-twice a week. <3


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