Jun 30, 2009

My M.A.C Haul

i received an email from my friend ina, who works at Bobbi Brown, about a private sale at mandarin oriental. different makeup brands such as Bobbi Brown, M.A.C, and Clinique were being sold at 50% off! i immediately told kath, and we decided we had to go!!! ;)

we even researched the M.A.C. eye brushes we wanted to get, teehee. but turns out they weren't selling individual brushes, dang! they did have a SE (special edition) brush set which included the 217 (blending brush). this was highly recommended by marlena of makeupgeek, and according to her, if you're getting just 1 brush, get this 1. so how could we pass up this opportunity? :P got it for P1625. it included the 209 (eyeliner brush), 212 (flat definer brush), 252 (large shader brush), and 275 (medium angled shading brush). it came with this nice clutch :)

another thing we were aiming to buy was a Paint Pot! but they only had 1 color left, waaaah! and the worst thing is that they just ran out that morning :(( sighhhhh. but we still bought one, ahihihi. it was a steal at P330 (70% off, woot!) the shade was Greenstroke, silverish-greenish. man, if they had more colors available, i bet we would have gone mad over them :))

i also bought an eyeliner, because i didn't have one in black (how could i have one in brown, and white, but not in black?). i got the Dual Edge Eye Pencil Phone Me/Text Me: charcoal grey (ok, apparently it's grey, but good enough for me!)/metallic silver with silver glitter. got it for P500. good find, eh?

and finally, i bought a face brush set, haha! consisting of the 187 (duo fibre brush), 168 (large angled contour brush), 190 (foundation brush), and 194 (concealer brush). i already have a foundation brush, but what the heck! couldn't resist the stippling brush anymore, teehee. plus i realized i wanted to get an angled brush and a concealer brush :P i got it for P1900.

i'm really psyched about my purchases, wheeee :) :) yeah, yeah, i went a lil crazy (um yeah, just a little! :P), but hey, it's not everyday you get such good deals! ;)
thanks for the tip ina! :D

Jun 29, 2009

Personal Essential Brush Set

i already owned a blush brush, an eyeshadow brush, a kabuki brush, and a mini brush kit, all from Body Shop. but since i wanted to learn more about makeup, it was time to upgrade my brush collection ;)

i got the 10pc set from Suesh. i felt overwhelmed by the 16pc set and thought i might not really need all those brushes anyway (but then i ended up buying more brushes from M.A.C, haha, more on that later). the set is priced at P1800, but they slash off P700 from the price if u attend their makeup workshop. the entire package costs P3000. i used my Belle de Jour coupon, and i was able to get a 10% discount, yey!

the set contains a powder brush, blush brush, foundation brush, large eyeshadow brush, small eyeshadow brush, smudge brush, eyeliner brush, brow brush, mascara brush and lip brush.

these brushes are really soft, nice nice nice! :)

My First Palette

my friend kath and i signed-up for a make-up workshop, and she asked me whether i had a palette already. to tell u d truth, it didn't occur to me that i needed one :P

i did a search for palettes, and i came across a Coastal Scents 88 Eye Shadow Palette that was being sold in eBay. omg, we just fell in love with it right away! :)) did a couple more searches, and we actually saw quite a lot of make-up gurus in YouTube using it. we just had to have it!!! :)) i wanted to get the matte palette, while kath wanted to get the shimmer one. took quite some time for us to make up our minds, haha, but we finally decided on getting the 78 Piece Palette instead, which consisted of both matte and shimmer eyeshadow shades (a perfect compromise, eh), as well as blush shades.

looked for palettes in multiply and eBay, and we were finally able to buy them from cRazY c0rn3r. i got myself the version1, while kath got the version2. we got a pretty good deal for it, priced at P950 each, plus shipping (P80).

loooove it! :) the colors are sooo yummy :)

i've only used it a couple of times, and so far i'm really pleased with it. though i do need to buy a good eye primer so that the colors will really pop and stay on. i can tell i'll definitely have a lot of fun with this palette :D

And So It Begins

i've been buying a couple of makeup products for quite some time already (mostly from Body Shop).. a few eyeshadows, blush, lip glosses. and i wear makeup semi-regularly.. at the office when i'm not too lazy, during the weekends, or when i'm going out with friends. but i really wouldn't say i actually know the *proper* way to do so. i don't know how to shape, blend, or line! :P it was only recently that i figured i wanted to *really* learn how to do makeup ;)

join me in my journey as i dive into the beauteous, colorful (and might i add, *highly addictive*) world of makeup! :)
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