Jan 10, 2010

Battle of the Nose Strips

i bought The Face Shop's White Mud Nose Pack a few months ago, and i just wondered if i made a right choice in investing on this pack instead of buying other nose strips that are available on the market. so i decided to buy some at the mall, and have an experiment. my nose was riddled with blackheads today, i counted at least 3 on my nose bridge. *ugh* read on to see how the nose strips fared. they were used one after the other..

The Skin Food Chlorella Nose Clear Patch - P62.50

it only removed 1 piece of dirt at the side of my nose :( granted, it was pretty huge, but still! my blackheads were still staring me in the face. what a waste of money! *arghh* sooo disappointing!

since SkinFood's was such an epic fail, i proceeded to the next contender..

Bench Clear Pore Cleansing Strip - P22

this was even worse, as you can see. it just removed a tiny piece of dirt. quite negligible, sheesh.

now onto the last contender..

The Face Shop's White Mud Nose Pack

i decided to apply it only in the middle of my nose as that was the problem area. so far, the 2 previous strips did absolutely nothing for it.


look at how much dirt it removed! (click on the image if u wanna get growsed out, haha) very impressive! *and quite disgusting if i might add, lol*

as you can see, Face Shop's is the clear winner! not only did it remove the most blackheads, but considering it went last, it totally picked up the slack!

i'm definitely going to continue using it. now i know i made the right choice :)


  1. yey! thanks for this review! Ive been looking for a nose patch review since forever!
    Have you tried the black bean nose pack from skinfood?

  2. not yet. and with these results, i don't plan to, haha! gonna stick to using TFS :)

  3. I've recently discovered a great blackhead remover. I'm not sure of the name since I bought it two months ago, but methinks it's Iwhite from Watson's. It only costs P15 per sachet and a sachet can last up to 4 uses. It's really effective (and inexpensive!) :)

  4. i think i've tried that, wasn't too happy with it though :(

    good thing it works for u! :)

  5. you know,sis, i tried a lot of blackhead removers..especially the strips.

    there are times that it works, then it doesn't. i prefer the 'peel-off' type over strips too. i don't know if you are going to believe me on this but in my case, the best & cheapest (yes! cheapest!) way that i remove my blackheads is by using egg white!

    I made THIS post because i find that it does work! Just use it with a towelette & see for yourself.

    as for the concealer & foundation that i used, i am currently using the ELF Concealer palette. it's not bad naman..& the Neutrogena Fine Fairness compact. It's my prefect shade kasi e.

  6. skin food and TFS do have some egg white peel off masks.. but it never occured to me to use the real thing, haha. i should try that nga one time

  7. love it! i'm so glad you found a nose strip that worked, lol. how much was TFS's white mud?

  8. hi lizz, i can't remember how much exactly :( around P300 i think?

  9. arg.i have a nose strip from bench.actually,it's still on my nose ryt now!damn..that's all the dirt i could get????waaa.

  10. I use the The Face Shop's White Mud Nose Pack too! And it digs out so much crap. Totally love looking at the dried patch after peeling it off no matter how gross it looks :D


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