Jan 9, 2010

My New 'Do

my hair's been looking pretty limp and lifeless, so i decided it was time for a haircut. off i went to bench fix salon in g4, and asked for sir kc, my stylist.

the result: shoulder length hair with layers

*pardon my makeup free face*

oh, and i just want to share my new hair color ;) i had it done last month.

*with flash*

i thought i'd give red-ish hair a twirl :D

i wasn't really planning on doing away with the curls, but kc said this length better suited me.

*a day before my haircut*

what do u think?

so i guess i'm back to straigh-ish hair. time to start combing my hair again! haha, ever since i permed my hair i didn't really have a need for a brush or comb anymore =P

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