Jan 14, 2010

BeautyJunkee's 12 Gifts of Christmas

i just got my prize from BeautyJunkee's Holiday Giveaway :D i definitely ripped it open when i got it ;)

martha is sooo sweet! :) she sent me 12 lovely gifts :D

  1. Victoria's Secret Cologne in Amber Romance. my cologne is about to run out, and i was planning on buying a new one already. now i don't have to, time to try out a new scent :D
  2. Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Care Lipbalm in Strawberry. lip balms are my first love (in beauty products, that is). and i lurve the scent and taste of strawberry. i'm sure i'll luv this! :)
  3. Travel Brush Kit. yey to more brushes! :D the brush holder is cool too!    
  4. Etude House Code B Mini Eyelash Curler. i've actually been meaning to get this! :D heaven sent! :)
  5. Holy Seat Toilet Disinfectant. every female should carry one in their purse ;)
  6. Etude House Black Charcoal Chin Pack. oh, i definitely need this haha! :D
  7.  AmA Nail Polish in 25 Phobia. i don't know if i can rock black nails, but there's a first time for everything! ;)
  8. Pink Trinket Box. isn't it just so girly? :) perfect for storing my rings!
  9. Bench Face Towel. this will surely come in handy when i go to the gym or attend my dance classes :)
  10. Etude House Green Tea Mask. i'm always on the search for the next great mask ;)
  11. Donut Hoop Earrings. cute! i can see myself wearing 'em at the beach :D
  12. NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia. a nice addition my collection, i luv NYX lippies! :D
thank u, thank u, a dozen times thank u! :) u are too generous! :)


  1. wow that's pretty cool how martha included 12 gifts for the 12 days of christmas! nice goodies :D

  2. you're super lucky talaga Mia!! :)

  3. yeah, that's real cool of her :D

    can't believe i won yet again. i've never been this lucky at raffles, teehee

  4. congrats..
    you're so lucky..
    it was your 5th win right?


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