Jan 14, 2010


i couldn't resist snagging this oh-so-cute blush :D when i saw Sugarbomb, i just drooled over it!

from Sephora:
this blush has four unique shades of rose, shimmering pink, soft plum, and peach blended together perfectly for a delicious "sugar rush flush."

see how pretty? :)

i was actually a bit skeptical, too. 4 colors, 1 blush? won't that make me look crazy? but it was just too cute to resist, haha!

so i tried it at home, and i have to say.. i love this blush! :) i swirled the colors together and gave my cheeks about 2 or 3 sweeps. see me go wild with pics!



all the colors did blend together perfectly! :) can u even tell the colors apart? ;) i love that it doesn't look harsh at all! in fact, if anything, it actually looks natural. :) it just looks like i'm, well, flushed. :)

wearable, check. buildable, check. this blush is definitely a keeper! :)


  1. It looks really nice and natural on you :) And I'm a sucker for natural-looking blushes! Another one on my lemming list. When I get it I hope I like it as much as Coralista :)

  2. does it last long?:) it looks pretty on you.

  3. thanks thanks! :)

    @ida i read that coralista is much more pigmented than sugarbomb. sumthing u might want to consider :)

    @superchuboink not that long, when i wore it the office i had to retouch in the afternoon. still happy w/ it though! :D


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