Jul 3, 2012

Yoga Plus, a must!

welcome to Yoga+!  (photo taken from  http://www.yogaplus.ph/ )
I began a love for yoga thru our company's Wellness Program back in July 2011. We were invited to try out classes offered by Yoga+, and I signed up to take 1 Hot A and 1 Hot B class. 

Hot Yoga is practiced in a room heated to 37 degrees Celsius, and on my first class, I had to sit myself down around 3 times, because I was literally seeing spots in front of my eyes, and I felt like I was going to pass out. 2 weeks later, I was better prepared for the class (thru proper hydration, for one thing). I was able to concentrate on the poses and not the heat, and by the end of the class I actually felt refreshed and energized.   

In August, I started attending the Power Hour class once a week, right before I go to work. In Power Hour, we do a series of poses that help us develop strength, balance, and flexibility. Each class is never the same, and I enjoyed facing the new challenges each class brought.  I also began to take pride on the mini achievements I was able to do – even if it's just say sitting up and reaching my toes.

In October, I started going to the studio more often. I was getting addicted to yoga, and I wanted to continue learning and growing. I then added Hot classes to my weekly routine, enabling me to build focus and endurance while sweating out (and I do mean SWEAT!) toxins from my body.

I've been practicing yoga for about a year now, and while I still can't do a Headstand (I can maybe hold it for 3 seconds, haha), I have noticed improvements in my body. For someone with absolutely no upper body strength, I've learned to do a proper Chaturanga (no longer need to bend my knees, yey!). I've always had pretty good balance (at least I think I do), and now I can do a Toe Stand on my left side (well, on a good day). I think one of the things I love most about yoga is discovering something about yourself which you had never thought possible. Whenever I hear our instructor say “Go to your maximum!,” it motivates me to not give up and just try a little bit harder each time – whether it’s holding a pose a little longer, bending a little further, or kicking a little higher.  

practicing my Standing Bow
Yoga+ is a great place to discover and nurture yoga. They have a very clean studio, with complete facilities: yoga mats, towels, and bath towels are provided. Their staff is friendly, and the instructors are very inspirational and supportive. They go around the room and help us adjust our poses, ensuring that we do them correctly so that we get the benefits of our practice. They teach you to accept where your body can take you and offer you options if you want to challenge yourself some more. Indeed, "Yoga is for Every Body."

Yoga+ studio (photo taken from  http://www.yogaplus.ph/  )
Yoga strengthens both the body and the mind, and I look forward to more. Namaste!


  1. I agree yoga is good for everybody. Of course it can make their body strong and improve mantel health. I also do this physical activity regularly.

  2. I like your article. Yes yoga is good for everybody. We can get a healthy and flexible body through this useful physical activity.


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