Jul 25, 2009

Color Bar

i wanted a handy dandy palette that i could bring when traveling (i didn't exactly want to lug my CS palette around). i was looking for the ff. characteristics:
  • one that contained both blush/es and eyeshadows (lip colors were optional)
  • a good mix of eye colors
  • small and compact (that one's pretty obvious)
  • not expensive (of course! haha)
since i wasn't really looking for a high-end brand, i decided to take a look at Watsons. Ever Bilena had a couple of palettes, but the colors didn't really appeal to me. i felt they were either too dark, or they didn't offer much variety as the colors were all from the same family. i browsed through the other counters and i decided to purchase the Color Bar from Fashion 21. it's got 2 blushes and 12 eye shadows. and at P150, i'd say that's a steal ;)

i immediately tried it out when i got home. i did a day look with colors 4, 8, and 1, and a night look with 6, 9, and 12. i think it's great that this tiny palette is enough to carry u from day to night.

so i'm quite psyched with this find :D i really like the range of colors that it offers. from the pretty pastels to the shimmery ones. i can totally imagine me wearing a different look each day on out of town trips, haha! and that was basically the whole point of me wanting a travel palette :P

p.s i didn't use eye primer here (i didn't want to waste my UDPP haha). i just put concealer on my lids. and no foundation too haha i just wanted to test the blush


  1. swatches please? great find! this palette will definitely take you from day to night! i'd say, this palette isn't only good for traveling, but you can also keep this in your work purse. very handy dandy indeed! :)

  2. thank you so much mia for the comments and for the visit on my site :) nice to meet another kikay girl :)


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