Jul 26, 2009

Cosmetic Clean-Up

no, this is not a hual. but rather a picture of the products that i have to throw away :(( i didn't even realize they had expired already :(( huge thanks to frances for her post!! i didn't really know about the PAO symbol. it tells you how many months u can use the product after opening it for the first time.

after reading it, i literally went thru all my makeup and skincare products. it's a good thing i've kept a list of my expenses through the past years (since 2006), so i was still able to backtrack when i bought what. now i've labeled everything.

with a heavy heart, i'm going to put all those other products in the trash. even if most of them still have 50 - 75% left :( yes, it really is a shame. but better that than for me to develop skin allergies or rashes. if anything, this experience has taught me
  • not to haul makeup/skin care products anymore (yes! i shall turn over a new leaf :P)
  • to be more aware of a product's expiration date (admittedly i've been really, really naive about this)
for products that don't have PAO symbols, i've compiled a list of their lifespan, based on what i've researched on the internet:
  • mascara: 3 - 6 months
  • liquid liner: 6 months
  • liquids and creams (i.e foundation): 12 - 18 months
  • lipstick/lipgloss: 1- 2 years
  • mail polish: 1-2 years
  • powders (i.e eye shadows/blushes): 2 - 3 years
  • pencils (i.e lip liner/eye liner): 2-3 years
  • perfume: 2-3 years


  1. Did you see something different with the expired products? such as different color, smells, etc?
    If not, then we really need to rely on the PAO symbol to detect the expiration ... anyway, thanks for sharing. It's really useful^^

  2. hi mapple,

    for the powder products, i did notice the consistency was different already.. they were "chalkier". especially the brilliance powder, it was getting all over d place already! twas probably a year expired already haha

    for the creams, didn't notice a difference. it was about 1 or 2 months expired only.

    still decided to throw everything out, better safe than sorry!


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