Aug 29, 2009

I'm on Cosmo!

well, its website that is ;)

kath, roz, and i are in the cover photo for the Cosmo Youniverse article. Cosmopolitan Philippines celebrated 12 years of fun and fearless females at Trinoma last May 16, 2009.

i was pleasantly surprised when i discovered this photo :D i googled Cosmo Youniverse, and when i clicked one of the links, lo and behold, we were there! woot! woot!

the reason i was doing a search for it was that we were approached by some folks from the magazine and were asked to pose for their website. i've been waiting for it for months (haha), and their new website has finally been relaunched!

check out the Most Fab Chicks at the event, including yours truly :D i'm wearing a jumpsuit from My Pink Closet, and shoes from Possibility, The Ramp.

p.s Cosmo Youniverse is what started my new found love (and obsession!) with makeup. We got makeovers from Skinfood, and we just felt (and well, looked, teehee) so pretty afterwards. :)

Aug 23, 2009

Happiness, Lust, and Obsession

i've been meaning to buy mineral blushes for some time now, and i finally got to do so when i went back to sm makati. turns out the Ellana booth is there for good (during weekends), wheee :D i am both ecstatic and worried for my wallet, haha.

there were so many blushes to choose from! i must have swatched 6 - 8 of 'em. i got 3 blushes, teehee. but i only got the smallest size - 1g for P100 each. the 3 i picked were Happiness, Lust, and Obsession.

Happiness: Light Coral Pink with Sheer Matte Finish
this blush is very light, and just looks natural. perfect for daily wear :)

Lust: Peach Pink with Sheer Gold Shimmer
i actually don't see the pink in this blush, it looks orange. it's kind of scary how orange it is when u tap it onto your brush :P so use sparingly, and blend well! i think i'll use this on days when i look too pale ;)

Obsession: Raspberry Red with Sheer Shimmer
probably my favorite out of the 3. the shade of red is just lovely! :)

p.s photos were taken under fluorescent lighting, no flash.

Aug 2, 2009

Harmony Bronzer

i realized i needed (wanted? haha) bronzer, so off i went to watsons again. i literally combed through all the makeup stations there to search for one. no such luck, either i didn't fancy the shade or i just found it too expensive.

the Body Shop did have a bronzer which i liked best, among everything i tried that day. their Nature Minerals Bronzer was super nice, but considering i wouldn't exactly be using it every single day, i figured it wouldn't be worth the price (it was around P1500 i think). clap clap for self-control!

so i was about to go home when i noticed the Ellana station at the sm ground floor. i immediately asked if they had bronzer. i tried the 2 shades - Ecstacy and Harmony. i went with Harmony as i found Ecstacy too reddish for my taste. it was only P180 (2.5 grams), so i figured why not. and i particularly liked it because it was mineral make-up :P

here's a swatch as well as vanity pictures, lol. i applied it on my cheeks using my Body Shop kabuki brush. ( hmmm, might need to buy a separate brush for this one as i use my kabuki for mineral foundation) it gives off a natural sun-kissed glow, which i love.

p.s. no foundation, or anything for that matter, haha. just the bronzer

Aug 1, 2009

EOTN: Smokey Black with Gold

i didn't really wear this out, haha i was just playing around with makeup and practicing smokey eyes.

this was inspired by tiffany's smokey, dramatic birthday eyes. i just used my Coastal Scents palette to dupe the colors.

i know, i know! i've miles to go, haha. it's nowhere as perfect as hers :P still quite happy with how it turned out though. for one thing, i didn't end up looking like i was punched in the eye, haha. and i'm finally getting the hang of blending, yey for my 217 brush! :D
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