Aug 2, 2009

Harmony Bronzer

i realized i needed (wanted? haha) bronzer, so off i went to watsons again. i literally combed through all the makeup stations there to search for one. no such luck, either i didn't fancy the shade or i just found it too expensive.

the Body Shop did have a bronzer which i liked best, among everything i tried that day. their Nature Minerals Bronzer was super nice, but considering i wouldn't exactly be using it every single day, i figured it wouldn't be worth the price (it was around P1500 i think). clap clap for self-control!

so i was about to go home when i noticed the Ellana station at the sm ground floor. i immediately asked if they had bronzer. i tried the 2 shades - Ecstacy and Harmony. i went with Harmony as i found Ecstacy too reddish for my taste. it was only P180 (2.5 grams), so i figured why not. and i particularly liked it because it was mineral make-up :P

here's a swatch as well as vanity pictures, lol. i applied it on my cheeks using my Body Shop kabuki brush. ( hmmm, might need to buy a separate brush for this one as i use my kabuki for mineral foundation) it gives off a natural sun-kissed glow, which i love.

p.s. no foundation, or anything for that matter, haha. just the bronzer


  1. wow! i want one too! gorgeous hair by the way! :) and you look very pretty without makeup :D

  2. nice :) at 180 lang? :O mura nga! buti ni-share mo, gusto ko rin yan... lagi lang huli sa wishlist ko kase mahal! (and i was thinking ndi naman sha must have pagdating sa makeup) sana may makita ako sa festi/atc!

  3. thanks friends! :)

    nice find, ano? :) ito n lng ung bnili ko kc i don't need a whole compact of bronzer nman. and u only need so little. the color payoff is very good! :)

    @leda kung wala ka mahanap sa festi/atc, try mo online. un lng, u have to pay shipping fees hehe

  4. hi gem, i went to sm makati :)

    they had a booth at the ground floor, near the pinoy foods.

    i haven't been there since i bought the bronzer, so i'm not sure if it was just a one-time booth

  5. Ooh, I have a feeling they will be there month-long. They also had a booth for the whole month of March or April of this year.

    Thanks Mia! Looking forward to read more of your entries :)

  6. Hi, thank you for your really nice comments. We're happy as long as the clients are happy. The Ellana booth will be there for the rest of 2009. We're also open in the SM Megamall. So feel free to try and test all our products. See you!

  7. i'm using this one, too. perfect for the summer! :) but the only thing i don't like about it is that it doesnt stay long enough on my cheeks. i had to reapply after an hour or so. and then i tried priming my cheeks with a cream blush (NARS' multiple orgasm), and top it off with this and i find it awesome!

    it gives me that sun kissed shimmery look, blending evenly with a peachy flush on my cheeks. plus, it stays longer now! hehe! i really, really, really like this :) i sometimes use it as eyeshadow, too :)


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