Aug 23, 2009

Happiness, Lust, and Obsession

i've been meaning to buy mineral blushes for some time now, and i finally got to do so when i went back to sm makati. turns out the Ellana booth is there for good (during weekends), wheee :D i am both ecstatic and worried for my wallet, haha.

there were so many blushes to choose from! i must have swatched 6 - 8 of 'em. i got 3 blushes, teehee. but i only got the smallest size - 1g for P100 each. the 3 i picked were Happiness, Lust, and Obsession.

Happiness: Light Coral Pink with Sheer Matte Finish
this blush is very light, and just looks natural. perfect for daily wear :)

Lust: Peach Pink with Sheer Gold Shimmer
i actually don't see the pink in this blush, it looks orange. it's kind of scary how orange it is when u tap it onto your brush :P so use sparingly, and blend well! i think i'll use this on days when i look too pale ;)

Obsession: Raspberry Red with Sheer Shimmer
probably my favorite out of the 3. the shade of red is just lovely! :)

p.s photos were taken under fluorescent lighting, no flash.

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