Jan 13, 2010

Sephora Haul

i am very giddy as i am writing this post :D i just got the items that i asked my boyfriend to get me from Sephora when he spent the holidays in the US.

i bought the Stila Smudge Pot Collection. i've recently fallen in love with using gel liners, so i was drawn to this! it contains their 2 bestsellers: Black and Kitten, as well as 2 exclusive holiday hues: Violet and Starry Night. i haven't tried their smudge pots before, isn't this the perfect way to start! :D it's valued at $95, but the set only costs $32, now that's a steal! ;)

i also got Stila's Made in Your Shade Foundation Wardrobe in Light, which contains the following:
  • Convertible Color in Lillium
  • Hydrating Primer SPF 15
  • Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer in Shade 01
  • Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 in Light
  • Natural Finish Oil-Free Makeup in Shade B
  • Illuminating Liquid Foundation in 30 Watts
this set contains sample sizes of their top-selling complexion products. i reckoned this is a great way of trying out which of their products would work well on me. i'm a sucker for sets! not to mention a bargain =P it only costs $10 (originally priced at $18, a $40 value), so why not =P

lastly, i bought Benefit's newest blush: Sugarbomb. it was just too darn cute, i couldn't resist! :D they included samples of Erase Paste (concealer) and Dr. Feelgood (complexion balm) :)

so glad my boyfriend agreed to go to Sephora for me. let's just say he's not exactly the shopping type. he said he was the only guy at the store haha, thanks baby!!! :)

boyfie's mom also got me some products from M.A.C. :D such a delightful surprise! :D she got me Studio Fix Lash, plus the House of Mirth Deep Lip Bag from the Magic, Mirth, and Mischief Collection. :)

wheeeeeeee! :) so so excited to try 'em all out! :D happy new year indeed! :D

p.s swatches and reviews will be posted separately


  1. Your boyfie's mom must love you enough to get you that MAC set. :P

    A really nice loot. ;)

  2. great haul there girl! i will be waiting for your swatches! :)

  3. Wow, nice! A very happy new year indeed! :D

  4. ganda ng haul.. inggit ako sweet ng bf pinagshopping :)

    i can never get my hubby to buy cosmetics for me, nahihiya masyado hahaha

  5. @pammy hehe gulat nga ko na she got me a set :D at least she doesn't disapprove of my cosmetics addiction hahaha

    @kath im really excited to try em al out na, just cant find d time to do so and do a proper review

    @krissy yeah its a real great way to start d new year. new beauty products! mwehehe

    @kc haha buti nga pumayag si boyfriend e :D

  6. lol I remember when I asked my brother in law to get me stuff from Sephora, too. He was the only guy and the SA's even joked and asked him "What are you doing here?!".. lol. Glad your bf agreed to do it. So sweet of him. Your new items are awesome. Want to try smudge pot too. =)

  7. I love your hauls girl, sooo mouth watering especially Benefits' Sugar Bomb :)

  8. nice haul u have here Mia.. :) the Stila Set is such a sweet deal.. so sweet of him to brave Sephora..

    your boyf was in the US din pala for the holidays.. same tayo na cold christmas.. hehe

  9. @catmare haha sephora is like sacred ground for us ladies

    @twinsouls888 it's my christmas gift to myself hihi :)

    @kay getting my loot was just icing on the cake, next to being able to see him again after 3 weeks!

  10. you got the sugar bomb! it looks so pretty! wanna see that review


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