Jan 17, 2010

Holiday Smudge Pot Collection

i didn't use to wear eyeliner, but ever since i started using gel liner (my first was Maybelline's) it's become part of my everyday look! so when i saw Stila's Smudge Pot Collection, i knew i had to have it! :) it contains the ff shades:
  • Kitten - shimmering nude champagne
  • Black - intense black
  • Violet - bright shimmering ultraviolet; limited edition
  • Starry Night - deep shimmering navy; limited edition

here are swatches..

i didn't swatch violet anymore because i'm thinking i might not really get to use it as much. i might decide to sell it or something.

my thoughts on each..

kitten. i prefer to use this as an eyeshadow rather than a liner. one swipe, instant shimmer! :) my only qualm about it is i find it a tad too sheer: too much shimmer, not enough color. it is pretty though, and great as a base for neutral colors :)

black. i might as well place my M.A.C and MUFE eyeliners to rest, as i have found my HG black liner! :D no budging, no creasing, oh joy! :)

starry night. this is my fave :D i love the shade, plus it's got some specks of gold in it. this is perfect for those days when u don't have time to do eye makeup. just apply it on your lids and you're good to go! :)

so i'm really happy with these :) very creamy and easy to work with. they just gliiiide :) they have good lasting power too! i've been wearing kitten the past 2 days, and when i get home, my eyes are still shimmery :D mind you, i didn't even use any primer.

gel liners are looooove! :)


  1. i gotta have that too. my Fanny serrano gel liners already dried up! sux!

  2. i agree with you mia, the kitten can be used as eyeshadow instead of liner :)
    me naman i like maybelline's gel liner, the brown one :)

  3. @bea try maybelline's, it's good :) i think it's only around P400

    @superchuboink i have the brown one too :D it was my first gel liner, and started my whole luv for em :)

  4. I'm currently using MAC's fluidline but I want to try Stila Smudge Pot as well.. Can this be applied on the waterline? =)

  5. @catmare i haven't tried, generally i just use pencil liner on my waterline.. i hear gel liners aren't suitable for it

  6. where'd you buy the eyeliners? i'm so envious!

  7. @iya from the US :) u can get smudgepots from Stila here in Manila, but they don't have Violet & Starry Night coz those are limited edition

  8. my first was from face shop, dang! that gel liner dried up pretty quick! and i was like wth!!! i was new to gel liners and that was my very first so i have no idea if it goes like that after sometime. lol. but as far as i can remember i just used it once or twice i think and then it dried up (great!). lol.sure is waste of money.
    then i tried the bobbi brown gel liner and still using it now. does do job real good! ^^
    wanted the violet smudgepot but i wasnt able to grab one :-s


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