Jun 29, 2009

Personal Essential Brush Set

i already owned a blush brush, an eyeshadow brush, a kabuki brush, and a mini brush kit, all from Body Shop. but since i wanted to learn more about makeup, it was time to upgrade my brush collection ;)

i got the 10pc set from Suesh. i felt overwhelmed by the 16pc set and thought i might not really need all those brushes anyway (but then i ended up buying more brushes from M.A.C, haha, more on that later). the set is priced at P1800, but they slash off P700 from the price if u attend their makeup workshop. the entire package costs P3000. i used my Belle de Jour coupon, and i was able to get a 10% discount, yey!

the set contains a powder brush, blush brush, foundation brush, large eyeshadow brush, small eyeshadow brush, smudge brush, eyeliner brush, brow brush, mascara brush and lip brush.

these brushes are really soft, nice nice nice! :)

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