Sep 27, 2009

My New Blending Brushes

i bought these last month from Charm. they had a mid-year brush sale, so i grabbed the opportunity of course! :P i exchanged a couple of messages with the seller asking her about the different blending brushes they had. i didn't want to go crazy anymore trying to pick out which one i should get, so i decided to get all 3, haha!

Charm Crease Blending Brush, P250 

perfect for placing color onto my crease. i find that when i use my 217 it gets all over the place (either because my lids are small, or i just don't know how to use it properly, lol). can also be used to blend small areas

Charm All Purpose Blending Brush, P200

i alternate this with my 217 (well it does look like it huh) - for placing color onto my outer v and blending out the outer part of my lid

Charm Big Blending Brush, P200
i've read a review that it's comparable to the 224. i mostly use this for blending edges around my lid

here's the latter 2 side by side. all purpose on the left and big blending on the right

the bristles are soft and don't hurt my eye :) however, they can get quite unruly, so as advised by the seller, shape them really well while damp.

i'm happy with the new additions to my collection :) blend! blend! blend!

p.s i'm still a newbie when it comes to blending. can u tell me how u use ur blending brushes (i.e 217, 222, 224) :) my brush collection is growing but i don't know if i'm using them correctly :P 


  1. i have these 3 charm brushes :) but i'm even more of a newbie to blending and am not sure if i'm using them correctly either. heehee.

  2. I have MAC 217, 222, 224, and 226.. I'd have to say that 226 is my favorite. Perhaps because it's the most pointed one of them all. IMO, it's perfect for asian eyes cos you can blend the lid and crease better rather than when you're using the other three. The other three are too fluffy for me (in comparison to 226, of course). But the four brushes get their jobs done once used nevertheless. It's just that for me, 222 217 and 224 are easier to find dupes that can work as good as them. But since 226 is LE, I suggest you get Stila's #15 brush =)

    That's my 2 cents on blending brushes.

    You're so luck to be able to buy those brushes on sale! I was hesistant cos I have the Charm Pro travel set. =)

  3. my number one fave crease brush is their Crease Blending Brush!! di ko pagpapalit sa mac 217, i have that brush pero hindi ako satisfied. :(( sayang ang money.

  4. I like that the brushes are pink! so cute!

    Have a great weekend!


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