Sep 9, 2009

Water Shine 3D Essence

i was at rockwell the other day, and was browsing makeup (as usual, haha) at pcx. Maybelline had a couple of items on sale at 50% off, and i of course could not resist making a purchase :P i bought 2 lipglosses from the Water Shine 3D Essence range, originally priced at P399 each.

they come in these sleek silver casings, with a contoured tip. you have to twist the bottom dial to the right in order for the color to come out. you can reduce the amount by twisting back to the left, but once it's out of the tube, the gloss doesn't really go back entirely. so don't get too carried away with twisting, or you'll end up with a lot more product than you bargained for!

i've been prowling for 2 lip colors: red and peach. so that's exactly what i got :)

Attractive Rose
shimmery peach with gold flecks. gives my lips a touch of color and shine. i can wear this everyday or layer it over a peach colored lipstick (which i am still on the search for!)

Strawberry Infusion
i'd call this a shiny watery red. i don't think i need to look for red lipstick anymore, because i'm quite happy with this already. i mean really, where am i going to wear red lipstick anyway? :P gives my lips that "bitten look" without being over the top.

my only beef with these glosses is that the staying power isn't that great. i have to keep on retouching every couple of hours. but i suppose most glosses are like that anyway, huh. still, i'm happy with my purchases :) more so because they were on sale, haha!


  1. nice color!
    how cute

    im not a gloss fan. but i could easily love this one!

    you can buy ELF studio palette at Toma's shop

    i think locally there are some multiply sellers who sell elf studio line

  2. shucks i love that sis! how sleek! are all maybeline on sale? or just the one in rockwell?

  3. @thiamere thanks dear! :)

    @marice i bought these about 2 weeks ago, landmark also had maybelline stuff on sale that time. just not sure until when they're having the sale

    my friend did tell me that loreal also had some items on sale at pcx rockwell last weekend :)

  4. ooh these lippies look great, and you got them on sale? nice :)

    and thanks for following, followed back! :)

  5. thanks for the comment mia! :)

    strawberry fusion looks fab on you!
    i started following your blog :)

  6. Ohh my gosh, Attractive Rose looks sooooo good.

  7. You got these at 50% off? They are good finds then! :P I like the red on you. :P


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