Sep 18, 2009

Glamour Eyes

don't u just love affordable finds? i know i do! :) one of my latest ones came in the form of Careline Glamour Eyes, which are creamy eyeshadow pencils. i bought these at Landmark for only P70 each (talk about dirt cheap!)

i experimented with these by using them as a base for my powder eyeshadows. check out my swatches below:
A - eye shadow only
B - eye shadow over glamour eyes
C - eye shadow over UDPP

cotton candy
a soft pink color. as u know, pink eyeshadows tend not to show up. and since i tend to wear pink eyeshadows a lot despite that fact, i naturally gravitated to this shade.


a frosty white color. i reckoned it would go with pretty much anything!

as you can see, Glamour Eyes did a really good job of making the colors pop. no, these will not replace my UDPP :P but i'll definitely reach for these pencils when i want a bit more color in my life! :D

p.s sorry for the bad lighting on the photos. the flash keeps on washing out the colors :(


  1. wee i have those careline glamour eyes I always use them as a base I dont have any primer like UDPP or too face insurance but it works for me :D

    nice post and review have a nice day!

  2. i like the shade of platinum :)
    the price isn't bad too! heehee. nice <3


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