Nov 11, 2011

Ready for Rain!

i was bloghopping the other day, and came across Bambi's post about the New Plueys for 2011. i saw the Booties, and i immediately fell in love with it!

i've always wanted a nice pair of rain boots, and although Plueys' collection is uber cute, they weren't really my style. it's just that i don't think i can carry off wearing 'em printed pairs, i'd be too self conscious wondering if it clashes with my outfit or whatnot (hey, that's just me ok). so these booties are just right up my alley :D

so i logged on to Facebook, searched for their page, and minutes later found myself emailing them and ordering a pair! they have 3 types: black with red bows, black with nude bows, and nude with black bows. i got the nude ones because i already have a pair of black boots, and i liked its feminine yet edgy vibe.

this morning, my phone kept beeping with text messages. i groggily reached for my phone and opened the inbox. there was a text from Air21 saying my package was scheduled for delivery today, and the next one i read said the package had been delivered already. i look across my room and saw an Air21 package sitting on my desk. that woke me up right away! i immediately got up, tore the package open, and lovingly stared at my new pair of booties, they're so cute! :)

here i am trying it on, right after waking up, teehee.

i'm excited to wear these out! i'm so glad i no longer have to worry about my shoes getting ruined the next time it rains. and the great thing about this pair is i can actually wear this with anything - dresses, shorts, pants, rain or shine! i really think it's a terrific buy :D

want your own pair? head on over to Ready for Rain. the booties are actually not available in stores nor their online shop yet, but they're already selling it for a special price: 15% off!


  1. that has got to be the cutest rainboots Ive ever seen!

  2. Adorable! Never seen such rain boots. Would love to get mine.

  3. mOmg you’re so cute!!
    Much love,


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