Nov 15, 2009

The Row Haul

i actually haven't shopped for clothing that much lately (apart from gym outfits). i guess most of my shopping money has gone to makeup, teehee. glorietta was having a midnight madness sale, and i reckoned it was high time i rekindled my passion for clothes (yeah what an excuse for shopping eh?) :P

i wanted to buy new dresses, and i knew i'd be able to score some great ones at The Row in Glorietta 5. i always end up buying something whenever i enter their store ;)

i scored the ff items at 10% off.. :)

a blue dress from Freeway. i usually gravitate towards dresses in this cut, pretty flattering :)

a lilac dress from Freeway. i was torn between choosing this one or its black version. the black one made me look more sophisticated, but this one just looked sooo girly and fun :) black tends to make you look more serious and well, mature, so i went with this one for a more youthful look ahihihi

a belt from Ensembles. it just looks so classy, doesn't it? :)

and finally, i bought a shirt from the Ang Kiukok collection. this one wasn't on sale, and it's actually more expensive than the shirts i would typically buy. but i loved the print, the fabric, and the way it fit me. :) so i didn't hesitate to get it. donning a masterpiece from a National Artist was just icing on the cake :)


  1. i like the first and the last one. whoa.. 10% off? scored! :)

  2. hi mia! nice haul! && i love the the black tee!
    its soo pretty heehee :)

  3. I really like that blue dress! so super cute!

    Have a great week ahead!

  4. nice clothes^^ most of my money is also spent on beauty products ^-^

  5. Thank you so much for all the nice comments you made on my blog! ^^

    I love the last T-Shirt! The print is amazing! I wish I had access to it.

  6. nice haul. the shirt looks really cool! I have a thing for t-shirts with unique graphics.

    by the way the nyx chrome eyeshadows are good but the packaging sucks!!

  7. Wow they all look sooo pretty , very nice haul girl :)


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