Nov 28, 2009

Lotion Love

i received my Johnson’s Body Care gift package today! :) it contains 6 25ml bottles of lotion. don't they look so cute? :)

mine contained the ff variants:

24-Hour Lasting Moisture
unlocks the secret of softness through round-the-clock moisturization

a gentle creamy lotion, perfect for daily use and instant softness :)

Melt Away Stress
soothes the modern woman’s mind and body to naturally ease away the stress, for skin that’s beautifully soft and nurtured.  

i love its smell! :) it's sweet, but not too overpowering. i think this is great to use after taking a shower at night, right before going to bed :)

too bad the one i personally use isn't included in the package.

Naturally White 
provides daily care to reveal bright, glowing and naturally fair skin that’s soft and light

i've found my HG lotion in this baby :) i'm on my 2nd 400 ml bottle already. it spreads on like milk :) it moisturizes my skin and doesn't leave it feeling sticky at all, even with our intense heat. and what's great about it is that it contains spf8 sunscreen and uva & uvb protection. sun protection is definitely the #1 thing i look for in skin care products. :)

want your own Body Care gift package? just head on over to :)


  1. I have Naturally White and Melt-Away Stress and I love them :)

  2. I signed up for this too. I can't wait to get mine! :)

  3. oh you got it for free? that's awesome. I wanna try it too. =) I went to the link but they're undergoing maintenance.

  4. This looks so cute! We don't have so many Johnson's Body Lotion varieties - unfair! LOL
    Thanks for sharing the link =)

  5. I love their lotions. It penetrates the skin so well and it makes my skin super soft ^_^


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