Dec 7, 2009

Pink Vanity

my newest baby: the pink vanity case from Suesh! :D the boyfriend and i went to the big outlet sale at mall of asia today, and he got me this for christmas :) wheeee! :)

it's got 3 fold out trays, and the center compartment has adjustable dividers.

of course, i immediately filled it with my makeup stash when i got home :D i was so OC doing it! i put the eyeshadows and mascaras on the 1st layer, then the eye liners and lip glosses on the next. on the other side, i put the face primers and foundations together, and the blushes and finishing powders next to it. lastly, i  put the makeup remover, lipsticks, false lashes, and palettes on the center. i also put my face masks in here, just to use up the space.

as you can see, my makeup collection is pretty small (oh come on! compared to other beauty junkies out there! yes you! haha). it looks pretty packed already, but i'm sure i can squeeze in moooore stuff :P

thanks baby!!! *mwahhh*


  1. Wow me love it, kano mo nabili girl? I really like the color :)

  2. it's originally priced at P3000, but they slashed P500 off :)

  3. love it! natuwa naman ako nung may laman na! kainggit!

  4. OMG i'm so inggit! hahahaha and it's not small kaya! wala kasi sa picture ang eyeshadow palettes :D

  5. This is sooo cool! Its so pretty too and cheap I must say. Youre bf is too sweet.

  6. Awesome! you're boyfriend is so cool!


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