Dec 13, 2009

Mini Maybelline Haul

i was at sm makati earlier, browsing thru the newly renovated watsons area. the 30% off sign at maybelline caught my eye =P

i bought the Diamond Glow Palette in Gray Pink. i wanted a small palette for creating a smokey eye, and this was perfect :)


i also finally decided to purchase the Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. i've been hearing good reviews about it, and i didn't want to miss the opportunity of getting it on sale, teehee. i bought the Brown shade because well, that was the only color they had on stock =P

can i just say that i am now a gel liner convert? application was super duper easy, and the liner was very creamy.

 i luv it! :) makes me want to stock up on other colors :D


  1. i love maybelline's gel liner too! :)
    hanggang kelan kaya ang sale nila sis?
    sana next week meron pa :( hihi

  2. gel liner is love <3

    I was in sm makati earlier also! haha!

  3. @cha not sure e, bka til d end of d month?

    @gem i finally understand why u love gel liners haha

  4. sis how much did you get this?


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