Nov 7, 2009

My Face Shop Haul

i went to Metrobank's Ultimate Girls' Night Out Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent and scored some items from The Face Shop at 50% off, woot! :D

i bought the Clarifying Potato Pack to calm my skin, as well as the the White Mud Nose Pack to get rid of those stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. also got soap as a freebie :) 

then my friend kath and i also went to their store inside the mall and hauled on a couple more stuff :P we got a 15% discount courtesy of Belle de Jour ;)

i bought the Span Oil Control Pre Make Up to absorb sebum and enhance my foundation's staying power, Volcanic Ash Self-Heating Mask for deep cleansing, and a pair of false eyelashes in XLH

yeah i'm on a mask hunt as you can see ;) can't wait to try 'em! :D


  1. ooh face shop i wanna try their products :D nice haul!

  2. eh?!
    you got a freebie?!
    im so inggit
    how come i don't ever get one whenever i buy something from them even if i buy a lot

    will be waiting for your reviews!

  3. love those xlh lashes, theyre my favorite!! :D

  4. @louie yeah their products are not so expensive, unlike skinfood! haha

    @thiamere they were giving out the soaps at the bazaar, even if you don't purchase anything hihi

    @maui nice noh? now only if i knew how to put on falsies hahaha

  5. Nice haul! I am in love with The Face Shop too :)

    Please, do a review about Volcanic Ash Self-Heating Mask ...

  6. Ooh, 50% off is nice! :) That's quite a nice haul. I should've visited tfs and gotten myself the false lashes :)


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