Nov 1, 2009

My MUFE Haul

i bought the Best of Make Up For Ever set :D it contains the following..

High Definition Primer. i love its consistency! :D it feels like you're putting moisturizer on, but it's non-greasy, and it goes on really light. unlike my TFS make-up base, this doesn't leave me with a white canvass, which is great!

High Definition Powder. reaaaaally smooth, i liiiike! :D my peach sake finishing powder from Skinfood is comparable, i would say. except that this is a wee bit finer, and i didn't end up with a white-ish face afterwards (or maybe i just dusted it off really light?) my face felt soo smooth, with a bit of sparkle ;)

Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil (in 0L Matte Black). although this did not glide on as smoothly as my MAC eyeliner, i actually prefer this one because it did not budge on me the entire day! i've always had problems putting on black eyeliner (that's why i tend to avoid it) because it tends to smear, but not this one! :D

Smoky Lash Mascara. definitely lengthens and adds volume. but i can't say it did a good job of holding my curl. and the wand is a bit fat for my taste, found it a bit difficult to work with :(

Sens'Eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser. this works great! :D removing my eye-makeup was a breeze, and it didn't sting my eye at all! unlike my Loreal Elixir Make-up Remover, this did not leave my lids feeling greasy, and best of all, no temporary blindness!

the set costs a whopping P3500, but over-all i'm really happy with it! :D sometimes you just have to splurge, right? :)

i also bought liquid foundation. was originally planning on buying the HD variant, but Lindsay (my MUA during the BDJ Fashion Show) recommended the Mat Velvet + for me instead. it's suitable for oily skin (like me!), mattifies, and evens out skin tone.

i'm glad i listened to her, because i am loving this foundation! it was easy to apply and blend, and i looove its finish. :) 

so here i am sporting my new babies :)

i am in love with MUFE! :)


  1. Everything looks great! I'm so inggit!!!:D

  2. nice haul sis!! its nice that MUFE came up with this set. buyers can now try all their best sellers in one buy!! :)

  3. Nice haul Mia! *Jealous! hahaha

  4. thanks dearies! :) it's fun to splurge when u know ur getting ur money's worth hihihi

  5. wow this is awesome! i want to try MUFE too! =D


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