Nov 14, 2009

Indian Pink and Frappucino

my first NYX lipsticks! :) i won erica's giveaway and got to choose 2 shades :) i picked Indian Pink and Frappucino.



i'd call this a rose taupe color (yeah i actually googled that shade haha). this lippy is more on the brown-ish side, suitable for everyday wear. verrryyy creamy! :)

Indian Pink

coral pink with shimmery flecks (that appear gold-ish to me). i've read raves about this lipstick, and i can totally see why! gorgeous! :)

thanks so much erica! :)


  1. I have indian pink! The frappucino looks nice too!

  2. Frappucino, i want!!!! looks so pretty!!

  3. Indidan pinks looks awesome on you--

    x Cheri


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