Jan 29, 2011

OOTD: Wellness Week

i wore these shoes to work the entire week :D we had our first wellness week, and employees were encouraged to come to the office wearing our "work-out attire." i pretty much wear heels all the time (i need the height, haha), and it was a nice change to be able to come to work in rubber shoes. i actually hardly wear rubber shoes - i only do when i'm at the gym or when i go running, and i found it quite refreshing! i never realized how comfortable they really are :P  

so i wore a tennis skirt on one of our wellness days, for 2 reasons:
  1. i don't play tennis, so when am i really going to wear this? :P
  2. it's not exactly everyday your office allows you to wear one :P
i just paired the skirt (Nike) with a black top (Kamiseta), and i wore my La Salle jacket (Adidas) over it.

i can't believe i pulled off wearing this to the office! my dad even asked me if i was going to the gym hahaha!


  1. ohh so you're a DLSU alumna? =) i'll become one as well in the next few days =)) and your office is the coolest.. for allowing employees to go to work in that outfit =P

    <3 hazel

  2. yes dear i'm from La Salle :) advanced happy graduation! :D

  3. i love your pink trainers :)

    and its cool that your office allowed you all to wear fitness outfit.

  4. thanks! my sister gave me those :)


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