Mar 8, 2010

Birthday Shopping Spree

my birthday giftssss to me teehee :)

the body shop

i repurchased their Nature's Minerals Foundation. i tried out other brands, but they didn't really work out for me. so why fix it if it ain't broke, right? :)

i also bought their Brilliance Powder in Shimmer Gold. this is another repurchase, although i had to throw out my last one because it actually expired on me. here's hoping i'll get full use out of it this time around :D

also bought 2 Love Glosses. was only planning on getting the clear one, but i couldn't resist snatching the pink one as well! :D   

marithe francois girbaud

bought a leather bag from girbaud (this is my default shop to buy bags and wallets). i needed a new creme colored bag because my old one was so ratty already, the skin was literally falling off, ugh! this was exactly what i was looking for! i love how simple yet classy it looks :)


i bought 2 tops..


i've developed a thing for loose fitting tops. luv this one! :) oh, and the sleeve is of a see through silk material (don't know how to describe it correctly haha), hot! ;)

i liked the detail at the back ;)

top shop

probably my favorite purchase! :D it's a pair of shorts designed like a skirt :D will totally wear this the next time i go dancing ;)

birthdays are the perfect excuse to splurge! :D now i need to go on shopping rehab!


  1. how cool!! i like the white shirt you got :)

  2. wow! Haha
    I use different occasions to justify my sprees

    Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, New Year.. National Heroes Day.. Hahaha.. :)

    love your haul

  3. @jing thank u! :)

    @becky i mostly bought it for the back haha!

    @k lol, sometimes i use the "i haven't splurged in a while" excuse haha

  4. I love your hauls girl, this might be late but as they say better late than never^_^

    Happy happy birthday hehe.


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