Mar 28, 2010

Shock Value

watched Timbaland's Shock Value II Tour last night! :D

i wore 2 favorites from my closet: a loose fitting top from Supre, and a mini-skirt (that's actually a pair of shorts) from Tomato :) although it was a standing concert, i risked wearing heels, wedges from Charles and Keith, because i needed the extra height, haha. my feet were killing me afterwards (seriously in pain!), but seeing Justin Timberlake was so worth it! :D

we originally bought Gold tickets, but my friend Kath and I regretted not buying VIP tickets instead. so when we got there, we inquired if we could trade our tickets, and Ticketworld obliged! yeyyyyy! so so happy! :D i probably wouldn't have enjoyed the concert as much if we were only in the Gold section :P

here are some snaps of Timbaland, Jojo, and Justin Timberlake :D

awesome concert!!! :D still can't get over how hot JT is! i can die now hahaha!


  1. Hi! May I ask what camera you were using? I was also in the VIP section but my shots weren't as clear. :-(

  2. i used my Canon Ixus 80. i was at the front row of the VIP section, so i was pretty close :)

  3. Hi Mia!! I got the lippy naaa a few days ago!! thankiess!!


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