Oct 5, 2009

Ellana Samples

i finally got around to trying out the samples that i got from Ellana. i got 2 shades of foundation: Almond Latte (medium light with cool undertones) and Cinnamon Spiced Latte (medium with cool undertones), 1 blush: Patience (pale nude brown with sheer finish), and 1 finishing powder: Almond Coffee Cream (cool beige with sheer finish).

i tried out the medium foundation first since my face is so much whiter than the rest of my body. i ended up looking like i had just gone to the beach. i looked so tanned, haha! which was not at all that bad, it just wasn't exactly the look i was going for :P

when i put the blush on, i didn't think it would show up. since it was a brown shade and i was so brown-looking already. but hey, it did! i think it added to my fresh from the beach look, haha

tried out the medium light foundation the next day. i would say this matched my skintone.

this time around i used the blush for contouring (or at least attempted to haha), since i think it's better suited for that and i'm not that fond of brown blush shades. i used Happiness on my cheeks instead.

p.s i'm on the search for the next mineral foundation to try out. any recommendations? :)

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