Oct 11, 2009

My Gym Haul

aside from makeup, the other thing i've gotten into this year is fitness (to some extent, at least). i've renewed my gym membership, and i've also been joining fun runs (5 km). i mostly join group exercises at the gym, my fave classes are body jam and body vive.

so being kikay, i obviously do not want to go to the gym wearing ratty old t-shirts :P and i also don't want to keep wearing the same thing over and over again, hahaha. i've been hauling gym outfits, lol. here are some of my finds from the Adidas outlet in c5. the discounts i got range from 30 - 50% off. i love that outlet! i wanna keep coming back! :D

bought new running shoes too :D also from the outlet, sold at 40% off its original price, woot! it's the Adidas Supernova Glide. i had gait analysis done at Runnr a couple of weeks back to find out what shoes best suited my feet/running style. i listed down the ones they recommended and decided to canvass prices first. good thing the outlet was carrying the same pair :D i like the design, and of course, the way they feel. pretty light on my feet :)

i also got my own yoga mat. yeah, the gym does provide them, but i didn't really want to keep using those. gotta think about hygiene, u know :P i bought this at landmark for P530, the brand is Hengrui. it's thick and soft, and it doesn't hurt my knees (tried doing some yoga stances when i got home). plus i love the fact that it's got 2 different colors, so i'd immediately know which side has touched the floor (and should therefore not touch my body haha). high-end brands carry yoga mats for at least P1000, so i'd say this is a really good buy! pretty eh? :)  

other stuff i bought: sports bras, waist trimmer, disinfectant for sports equipment. i want a new gym bag too!

because of my recent fitness kick, i feel healthier, more alive, and placebo effect tells me i'm losing weight (hahaha), so i feel more confident. i feel good about myself, and that's all you really need to feel beautiful right? :)


  1. you got another waist trimmer? hehe.. great buys! :)

  2. haha yeah, dad bought me another one :D i have to alternate coz i wash immediately after using.

    the sweat is pretty gross hahaha!

  3. I need to get my lazy lazy butt into the gym too! Haha. But no time.:(( You're an inspiration! Kikay gym stuff, I like.:D

  4. lol, thanks! :D

    i think fitness first offers free trials at d gym. u can check that out :)

    haha yeah, working out is no reason to stop being kikay ;)


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