Oct 11, 2009

FOTD: Daily Routine

i was tagged by gem to share my daily routine :)

i'm tagging anyone who hasn't shared theirs yet. would love to hear (or rather, read) it!

i did my FOTD using the products i regularly use..

>>> skincare <<<

i use these on my face every day, regardless if i'm wearing makeup or not.

~ i wash my face with SkinFood's Tea Trea Cleansing Foam
~ i use The Body Shop's Seaweed line during the morning. i use the Clarifying Toner, followed by the Pore Perfector, and Mattifying Moisture Lotion
~ on my undereyes i apply The Body Shop's Vitamin E Eye Cream (i do this before i apply moisturizer)
~ i moisturize my lips with The Body Shop'sVitamin E Lip Care
i let all these sink in for 15 minutes or so before i apply any makeup

>>> makeup <<<
my go-to products..

* face *

~ i start off by applying Skin Food's Mushroom BB Cream (shade #2) all over my face. this acts as my primer/liquid foundation. i skip this step when i don't have enough time, or i'm just feeling lazy :P 
~ i dab spots that need concealing with The Body Shop's Concealer Pencil (shade #4)
~ i set it with The Body Shop's Nature's Minerals Foundation (shade #3)

* eyes *

~ i apply Urban Decay Primer Potion all over my lid as base
~ i use Coastal Scents 78 Palette for my eye color. i use whatever color matches my outfit or mood for that day ;)
~ i don't apply eyeliner on a daily basis. mostly i would just use Maybelline Eyestudio Vivid & Smooth Liner (in white) on my lower lashline to brighten up the look
~ on my lashes, i use MaybellineVolum Express Mascara

* cheeks *
~ my everyday blush is Ellana in Happiness

* lips *
~ i don't wear lipstick every day (in fact, i hardly do). i usually just wear lipgloss. my go-to is The Body Shop's Hot Brights Lip Shine Gloss

so here's the look i came up with today :)



  1. i love reading your daily routine prods. :)

  2. wow the body shop shopaholic! LOL seriously though, your skin care routine alone sounds like it's (or rather reads like) a lot of work.. or maybe i'm just lazy hehe what time do you wake up and prepare in the morning before going to work? i mean how long does it usually take you?

  3. yeahhh i'm addicted to The Body Shop :D

    i do my skincare routine right after taking a shower. then i eat my breakfast while letting the moisturizer sink in. that way, i don't waste the 15 minutes of wait time

    or i would do my eye makeup first before the face

    but yeah getting ready does take quite a while :P i usually need an hour of prep time :P and that doesn't include getting dressed hahaha


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